perjantai 18. maaliskuuta 2011

Coming up

I just bought a cool vintage tweed jacket, which will arrive some day next week. The jacket is sort of american ivy league style. Really neat. I'll post some pics of it for sure.

Also coming up: a review on traditional wet shaving products from the UK. I've been shaving with a single blade safety razor for over a year now, and I must say that it really changed my shaving experience. It's really the only proper way of shaving for me: no cuts, no razor burn and my sensitive skin stays in pretty good condition. The modern uber Gillettes can't do this, since they have too many blades for a sensitive skin. Only one blade is really enough, believe it or not.

A safety razor from Mercur

This guy is a great tutor for any of you traditionalist wishing to start a new hobby: traditional wet shaving. He's mantic59 and he has a great bunch of reviews and how to -videos about wet shaving in his YouTube channel.

Shaving really is almost a necessesarity for most men - why wouldn't you make it a pleasure instead of a daily struggle?

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  1. napo: I highly recommend to give it a try. I'd say, at least for me, the Gillette's multiblade monsters are an utter hoax. This old fashioned way works much better and is, in addition, a nice, relaxing way of shaving your beard every day.

  2. Got to try this one, tips like this always welcome :)

  3. Looking forward to see the jacket.

  4. I'll get the jacket tomorrow, so stay tuned!

  5. ahaha I'll have to check out this video when I get some free time. following !

    but dude, you'll really like my moustache blog :)

    got things all about shaving in it. Seriously, it's like made for you

  6. post pics of your face after using it. wanna see

  7. Safety razors are for sissys. I shave with a machete.